Cultivating Christ-centred relationships between those inside and outside prison walls.

We’re on a Mission to Restore the Lives of Prisoners in Canada Through the Gospel.

Crossroads Prison Ministries is a volunteer-driven ministry that offers free correspondence-based courses and resources for incarcerated men and women across Canada. Our program changes the lives of prisoners and our volunteers, but most importantly, it restores lives, prisons, and churches through the Gospel.

Correspondence Courses That Change the Lives of Mentors and Prisoners

Our correspondence courses focus on everything from the basics of Jesus’s teaching (with our Manga Messiah course) to a seminary-level course that gives prisoners an exceptional understanding of Biblical concepts and theories. We have over one hundred courses that we offer, and they’re all free. Via correspondence, prisoners and mentors develop a relationship with each other — and the lives of both are changed.

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Are You a Chaplain? We Can Help.

With more than 38,000 incarcerated persons in Canada, a prison chaplain’s work is never done. To help lighten your load, Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada provides:

  • Life-transforming, Bible-based correspondence courses for prisoners
  • Bibles and other Christian resources
  • Visitation by carefully screened and trained volunteers
  • Support for inmates as they reintegrate back to the community after release
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How You Can Help

Become a Mentor

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our ministry. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to provide the relational support and discipleship our students need to learn more about Jesus. We invite you to join us and change not just prisoners’ lives, but also your own. We’ll provide all the training you need!

Become a Mentor

Make a Donation

We provide over 100 courses and reintegration programs to prisoners all over Canada free of charge. None of that can happen without your financial support! Please prayerfully considering making a donation to our ministry so we can continue the work we are doing for our nation’s prisoners.

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