Our mentorship program introduces prisoners across Canada to Jesus so their lives can be restored through the power of the Gospel.

Join Us In Prayer

We ask that you join us in praying for our students, for prisoners, and for the chaplains we partner with in Canada. Please pray for their health, their safety, and for peace of mind during this turbulent season.

 “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”
Romans 12:12 (ESV)

“I went through a total life transformation.”

Peter grew up in a Christian home before losing his way. In prison, he realized he needed God’s grace.

Crossroads Prison Ministries’ correspondence courses have introduced more than 4,000 prisoners across Canada to the message of Jesus.

Stories from the Crossroads

Recent blog posts about the work Crossroads is doing

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Harry’s Story

Before he was sent to prison, Harry wrestled with drug abuse and God. But it wasn’t until another prisoner shared the Bible with him that Harry believed. Read more.

May 15, 2020
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Student Art from Our Spring / Summer 2020 Art Book

Today, we'd love to showcase some of the artwork our students send to us. Read more.

June 25, 2020
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I really did fake my faith before. What I was missing is God.”

It wasn't until he got to prison that Norm learned what faith is all about. In the process, he started to forgive others — and himself. Read more.

June 1, 2020
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Even after I was arrested and waiting to be sentenced, I knew that I could handle it all on my own. I was so very wrong.”

Cas found peace in prison when she leaned on God, and not on her own understanding. Read more.

April 3, 2020
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Damon experienced the Holy Spirit in prison

Damon was a prisoner to himself, but his time in jail helped him find freedom in Christ. Read more.

March 11, 2020
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I went through a total life transformation.”

Peter grew up in a Christian home before losing his way. In prison, he realized he needed God's grace. Read more.

February 19, 2020

What Students Say

  • I want to thank my mentors and all my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus at Crossroads ministries for all their support and encouragement. The letters sent to me by my mentors inspire me. I believe these studies have truly helped me establish myself in God’s Word and also made me a better person.

    Warren, BC
  • I wanna thank my mentors – past, present and future. I look forward to your uplifting and encouraging words. Tonight, I add you in my prayers. Thanks to a mentor for suggesting the book of Daniel – what an awesome story! Thanks to another mentor for suggesting the book of John – this was my first introduction to the gospels! I suggest it as a starting point to new and developing Christians. I said this once and will say it again – I no longer just read my Bible – it holds a conversation with me. My best friend is the living Word!

    Tyrone, BC
  • What an amazing journey this has been so far! Thanks to Jesus, we not only know more about what God is like, but we also have a way of forgiveness through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We can know the One who made us, and we can spend the rest of our lives experi- encing His power and enjoying His love. Thanks so much Crossroads and mentors for your help and encouragement along my journey.

    Darrel, ON
  • I would like to say thank you very much for taking the time out of your life to pray for me, my family and children. Thank you for sending me lessons to do. I love my studies with Crossroads Ministries and always look forward to do all the lessons.

    Matthew, MB
  • When I came to jail, I hit rock bottom. I was very sad and depressed and full of anxiety. After being in here for about a year, I was introduced to the Crossroads Bible Studies. I became a Christian in jail and it has helped me a lot. I believe God led me to Him.

    Meranda, BC
  • Thank you for teaching me. I know it’s all God that teaches me what I need to learn but you guys definitely help God’s message get to me. Words can’t describe how grateful I am towards God and Crossroads.

    Eric, AB
  • Thank you so much for all the awesome classes you have provided for me. God bless.

    Steven, ON
  • My friend gave me a Manga Messiah lesson after the chaplain gave him 2 of the same lessons. These lessons brought me hope when hope was lost. In my time of sadness, I look forward to doing these lessons. I look at my faith with new eyes. The past is gone and I will not hold on to it — I am moving forward.

    Chris, QC
  • Thank you very much for your words of encouragement and insight. You are all doing a terrific job and I thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

    John, ON
  • I am thankful for Crossroads and I believe that these studies have truly helped me establish myself in God’s Word and also made me a better person. I am thankful for my mentors and their support. The letters sent to me by my mentors inspire me. God bless you all.

    Warren, ON
  • I am grateful for these lessons and I am glad I’m truly becoming closer to the Lord Jesus. It feels good getting letters from the Crossroads’ mentors. I love the feeling I get when I see a Crossroads envelope!

    Rob, AB
  • Crossroads not only helped Jesus reach me and bring me closer to Him, but their Bible studies, artwork, poems, and mentors all helped bring me peace. Through Christ, with the help of Crossroads, I am a better person and am growing in Christ each day. I love being a Christian and I love my Lord, Jesus Christ. Thank you, Crossroads.

    Michael, ON
  • While studying the Bible through Crossroad’s Bible study, I have learned that I am never alone. God is always there with me through my happiness and grief. Tier 1 helped me better understand what the Bible means and how it can help me in my daily life. In Tier 2 I hope to further my knowledge!

    Jenny, ON
  • I cannot say it enough how thankful and grateful I am to have these courses in my life. As I work on turning my life over to God more completely and consistently, I pray that I absorb the Lord’s wisdom and His will!

    Brent, AB
  • Your letter means so much to me. I placed it in my Bible where I can read it every day. Keep up the good work. I appreciate it so much. Your letters are a boost of confidence for me that someone is out there praying for me and my family. Thank you.

    Athene, ON
  • The phrase “being born again” means to me that I am recycled… renewed… reborn… that I got a fresh start… a restart… I am new again… a new you…another shot at life!!!

    Tanner, BC
  • I would like to say thank you very much for everything you have done for me. You have been there for me, for my bible study and just been there for me. Also you have been making my relationship with God much stronger and have given me hope.

    P, Saskatchewan
  • I was blown away to see this questionnaire. Not many people want to help an ex-criminal, but I’ve noticed over the last few months that God truly works in mysterious ways. Thank you for reaching out to me and trying to help a brother in Christ.

    Joel, AB
  • This ministry opens doors to many hearts. Men sit in their cells, around tables, in their houses and even at work, working on these devotions. God’s seeds are being planted. May we see a great harvest for the kingdom of the Lord.

    Terry, SK
  • I believe the Lord brought me to jail to show me my past life and how wrong it was. He did it for me.. for the best. He wanted me to come to him. It’s been a long walk but I’m not tired. I know He is with me and He’s guiding me. I have completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 courses and I’m eager to start Tier 3 courses to learn more about the Lord.

    Darya, ON