About Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada

Crossroads Prison Ministries is dedicated to the discipling of prisoners through the Word of God.

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada is a discipleship and advocacy ministry for prisoners and their families. We equip the Canadian church to disciple men and women in prison with the Word of God, free of charge.

Our in-depth, long-term program helps prisoners grow dramatically in a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and prepares them for and assists them with successful re-entry upon release. We also advocate for change that will make society more welcoming toward citizens returning to the community from prison.

Our History

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada was founded in 1998 as the first satellite campus of Crossroads Prison Ministries International.

It all started when two of our volunteers began looking for a way to bring more structure to the program they were presenting at Maplehurst Correctional Complex. The initial program consisted of one-on-one visits with inmates and was limited to this one correctional centre in Milton, Ontario.

After being introduced to the Crossroads team in Grand Rapids, our volunteers were able to leverage the Crossroads Bible study materials to create a program for inmates across Canada.

In order to fund and expand the program even further, Crossroads Canada operated as a division of Bible League Canada (BLC) from March 2007 to Aug 2014.  This partnership allowed Crossroads Canada to grow to the extent that it could incorporate as an independent non-profit organization in the fall of 2014.

Since that time, Crossroads Canada has re-located to its current office in Burlington, Ontario where it continues to grow its programs in Correctional Institutions across Canada. In addition to offering Bible correspondence courses for prisoners, our volunteers visit one-on-one and lead group sessions in Canadian prisons.

Crossroads Prison Ministries’ Goals:

  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a Bible study discipleship program for men and women who are incarcerated.
  • Allow visitation to Canadian prisons to provide counsel and minister to inmates.
  • Provide faith-based re-entry education for people in prison and their families.
  • Equip the church to make disciples.
  • Help those in prison to connect with social agencies that can help them with reintegration.
  • Advocate for people in prison and those formerly incarcerated.
  • Educate the church and society on criminal and restorative justice.

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement and insight. You are all doing a terrific job and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

John, Ontario

Leadership Team & Board of Directors

Staff Team

Martie van Niekerk
Hailing from South Africa, Martie has lived in Canada since 1998. She started volunteering with Crossroads around 15 years ago, and eventually took on her current role as president in 2011. Since that time Martie has poured her heart, energy and time into this position and consequently, with God’s help, the Canadian branch of this ministry has grown rapidly and robustly. Martie has two children, Hildegard and Jan, with her husband Albert. With her family, she loves to ski, swim, and enjoy the outdoors. Unlike most people in the area, Martie loves the snow. Few things make her happier than seeing a fresh white blanket covering the ground!

Gareth Inkster
Gareth is the office assistant. When he’s not processing mail, responding to letters, or chatting with chaplains, he spends most of his time playing music with whoever he can. Having studied Music, Theology and English at Redeemer University, he has a love of art, literature, and people. This, combined with the facts that his father was a prison chaplain, and his mother taught music at a juvenile detention centre render him an enthusiastic member of the Crossroads team!

Grant Winestock
Grant is the latest addition to the Crossroads Canada full-time team. Working closely with donors and spearheading fundraising initiatives, Grant has quickly become an important and significant member of the ministry and has enthusiastically taken on all the challenges of his position and has helped the ministry make significant strides forward. When he’s not in the office or meeting with donors, Grant enjoys spending time in nature, reading and attempting to write novels. He lives in Hamilton with his wife, two cats and bunny rabbit.

Tina Cox
Tina is the latest addition to Crossroads Canada overall. As the bookkeeper, Tina maintains all the numbers and paperwork with her sharp mathematical faculty. She is a joyful presence in the office, and frequently provides baked treats for the rest of the staff. Loving mother and wife, Tina loves to travel, garden, and enjoys a good book. Originally from the United Kingdom, Tina frequently educates her fellow staff members with the correct way to drink tea, or prepare a scone.

Anne Brits
Anne is also from South Africa, and was introduced to Crossroads through Martie. Living in Edmonton, Anne manages the reporting of our students’ lesson-completion, and fulfills the requests we often receive for re-integration support resources. Anne has an appreciation for aesthetic appeal, specifically when it comes to home design and fine art.


There are currently no jobs available at Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada.

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada Board

  • Chair: Harry Stam
  • Vice-chair: Cindy Eigenbrood
  • Treasurer: Douglas Holt
  • Beth Finkbiner
  • René Kooistra

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