Our New Name & Brand


As you explore the new site, you will notice some significant and exciting changes for the ministry, including a name and logo change.

Our mission is solid, clear and unchanging: We exist to connect prisoners with volunteers in Christ-centered relationships so that lives, prisons and churches all around the world are restored through the Gospel. But we have discovered that, although our mission and identity are clear to us, they are not always clear to people who are newly getting involved with the ministry.

Over the past eight months, we have also focused our efforts on removing barriers to ensure more and more prisoners would come to know the Lord through Crossroad. During interviews with prisoners, we have learned that our former name, Crossroad Bible Institute, has created a barrier for potential new students.

The word “institute” reflects a seminary or university of higher learning. People who have not been successful in school may be hesitant to get involved. The word “Bible” also serves as a barrier to some who have experienced church or religious programs as harsh, judgmental and focused on “fixing” people rather than encouraging them as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Our new name, Crossroads Prison Ministries, removes these potential barriers, better reflects the heart of who we are and aligns our name with what we do.

We have also created a new logo that reflects our purpose: connecting prisoners on the inside with volunteers on the outside through the study of the Bible.

The logo has three interwoven strands. One strand represents the prisoner. Another represents the mentor, and the final strand, which is gold, represents the Word of God. When these three strands come together, something miraculous happens. Two people with completely different backgrounds study the Bible together, develop a friendship, encourage one another and are transformed by the power of God’s Word as they apply it to their lives.

As we respond to the ever-changing culture inside and outside of prisons, we are consistently looking for new ways to better serve men and women behind bars and the church. In the next year, we will introduce new curriculum and develop methods to eliminate the financial burden of postage for prisoners. In addition, we will provide resources to promote Crossroads in churches, targeting the next generation of volunteers.

God is on the move and we are humbly grateful for the work He’s doing in the lives of countless prisoners and mentors who have dedicated time to each other and to the study of God’s Word. As we look to the bright and exciting future of this ministry, we are dependent on your participation so that lives, prisons and churches are restored through the Gospel.