Our Story

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada was founded in 1998 as the first satellite campus of Crossroads Prison Ministries International.

It all started when two of our volunteers began looking for a way to bring more structure to the program they were presenting at Maplehurst Correctional Complex. The initial program consisted of one-on-one visits with inmates and was limited to this one correctional centre in Milton, Ontario.

After being introduced to the Crossroads team in Grand Rapids, our volunteers were able to leverage the Crossroads Bible study materials to create a program for inmates across Canada.

In order to fund and expand the program even further, Crossroads Canada operated as a division of Bible League Canada (BLC) from March 2007 to Aug 2014.  This partnership allowed Crossroads Canada to grow to the extent that it could incorporate as an independent non-profit organization in the fall of 2014.

Since that time, Crossroads Canada has re-located to its current office in Burlington, Ontario where it continues to grow its programs in Correctional Institutions across Canada. In addition to offering Bible correspondence courses for prisoners, our volunteers visit one-on-one and lead group sessions in Canadian prisons.

Our Goals

  • Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a Bible study discipleship program for men and women who are incarcerated.
  • Allow visitation to Canadian prisons to share the Gospel and bring home and encouragement to prisoners.
  • Provide faith-based re-entry education for people in prison and their families.
  • Equip the church to make disciples.
  • Help those in prison to connect with social agencies that can help them with reintegration.
  • Advocate for people in prison and those formerly incarcerated.
  • Educate the church and society on criminal and restorative justice.

We would like to thank Bible League Canada for making Crossroads Prison Ministries possible in Canada.