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Artwork from our 2019 student calendar

Our second annual calendar, filled with artwork from our students, is now on its way to prisoners all over the country. We wanted to share the artwork with you here.

Illustration of a dove with the gates of heaven in it. Text on the path says "Things change in time" and the entrance to heaven reads: "Promised Land"

Every year, we compile our favourite art submissions from our students into a calendar. It’s tough to keep track of time in prison, and these calendars — which are distributed by our partnering chaplains — can be a tremendous blessing, and a reminder of God’s mercies and grace. It’s also a reminder of how talented many of our students are!

The image above is this year’s cover image, by A from Saskatchewan.

The calendars are often requested by our students. If you would like to help us distribute them to our students, you can make a donation that goes directly to calendar mailings.

Note: for the sake of our students’ privacy, we will address them by their first initial instead of their full name.

An illustration of a verse (Psalm 119:105).
January’s illustration, by M from Saskatchewan.
Illustration of a cross and a rose.
February’s illustration, by D from Ontario.
A heart with a variety of verses written down inside it in many colours.
March’s illustration, by C from Ontario.
An image of the cross, surrounded by flowers with a crown on its top. John 3:16 is written on the ribbon, and a dove flies beside the cross.
April’s illustration, by M from Alberta. A celebration of Easter.
A cross with flowers and ribbons surrounding it. 1 Corinthians 1:18 is written below the cross.
May’s illustration is by C from Saskatchewan.
A black and white illustration of two hands praying, stylized to look as bold and intensely decorated as a tattoo might be.
June’s illustration is by D (location unknown).
An illustration of a cross with wings and a halo.
July’s illustration is by G from Ontario.
An illustration of water being poured from a clay jar.
August’s illustration is by J from Ontario.
An incredibly detailed illustration filled with verses and illustrations.
September’s illustration is by H from Alberta. We love the detail!
An image of a Native Canadian who looks like Jesus and wears a crown of thorns encouraging others to take up their cross and follow Jesus.
October’s image is by L from BC.
"The truth will set you free" written on a cross made out of thorns.
November’s image is from L in BC (a different “L” than October’s illustration, though — we do not feature the same student more than once!)
An image of Jesus' hand nailed to a cross.
December’s image, and the final in our annual calendar, features is by S from New Brunswick.

If you want to make a meaningful impact in the hearts of prisoners, you’ve found the right ministry.

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