You can make a difference by writing a letter

10 million peopleare serving time in prison worldwide
38 thousandof these prisoners are in Canada
88 percentof prisoners do not have regular visitors. There is an epidemic of loneliness behind bars.

“Prison is such a lonely time. Every letter you get means someone thought about you. Getting a letter from someone on the outside is like GOLD.”

John, a former Crossroads student

John, one of Crossroads former students and a former prisoner.

Study God’s Word with people who are in prison

We believe that we are not meant to study God’s Word alone.

That is why our mentorship program connects prisoners with mentors who help them study and understand the Bible. The mentors’ encouraging letters are the heart of the ministry and remind people in prison that they are not forgotten and that they are deeply loved by God.

You can impact prisoners’ lives as a Crossroads mentor from anywhere in Canada. As a Crossroads mentor, you will:

  • Review students’ Bible study lessons and offer encouraging comments
  • Write uplifting and hope-filled letters to your students
  • Pray for your students

“You get to re-learn Bible basics that you’ve assumed to be second nature for so many years. You see it through fresh eyes, with a slightly different understanding. Those old truths have a way of becoming new again.”

Crossroads mentor René Kooistra

Become a Crossroads Mentor

Mentors must be strong Christians with Canadian addresses. To become a mentor, please fill out the form below. We will send you a detailed application. Thank you!

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