Chris’s Story

Chris went from Christianity to robbing banks. In prison, he reconnected with Jesus and was transformed. This is his story.

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From Safety To Trust

The first time God visited Darren*, he was fourteen years old and doing time in the Young Offenders Centre. As he sat alone in his cell preparing a noose out of a bed sheet, intent on ending his life, he heard a voice calling his name. “I got up and looked out the window expecting […]

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Meet Robb from British Columbia

I grew up feeling loved and cherished by my family. When I was about 8 or 9 my mom married my stepfather. He was an alcoholic and abusive. But, at least, he was there and my biological father was not. I was constantly disappointed while waiting for my dad to show up and spend time […]

Meet Robert from Alberta

I see the Lord working in all parts of my life today. He took a man full of hate and despair and with little hope. This man is me, just over three years ago. I was nothing. I lived in a homeless shelter, used crack on a daily basis, as well as needles. I did […]

“You Bring Me Such Joy.”

“My parents took me to church as a child but when I was older and could decide for myself, I chose not to go. I eventually returned to religion when my life started to get hard. Growing up in the Catholic church, confession was just a part of going to church. I went to Mass […]