With more than 38,000 incarcerated persons in Canada, a prison chaplain’s work is never done.

To help lighten your load, Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada provides:

  • Life-transforming, Bible-based correspondence courses for prisoners
  • Bibles and other Christian resources
  • Visitation by carefully screened and trained volunteers
  • Support for inmates as they reintegrate back to the community after release
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Our correspondence courses are led by a team of volunteer mentors we have carefully screened and trained. They help disciple thousands of prisoners across the country and faithfully follow prison rules to prevent any negative incidents.

Mentorship Opportunities that Change Lives

Crossroads Canada is a volunteer-driven witnessing opportunity that helps prisoners discover Jesus Christ and build a relationship with Him. We offer a number of tiered courses that teach students the basics of the Bible, and offers them the opportunity to ask questions and process the truths they are learning. Through this process, the lives of both the student and the mentor are transformed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A prisoner hears about Crossroads from a prison chaplain, fellow student, volunteer, or the ministry. He or she receives and completes an enrolment form and returns it to Crossroads Canada.
  2. Crossroads Canada mails Bible study lessons to the student, one at a time.
  3. The student completes the lessons and returns them to Crossroads.
  4. The student receives the next lesson, and a trained mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student with a personal letter of encouragement and discipleship.
  5. Each time the student completes a course, he or she is awarded a personalized certificate of accomplishment and a complimentary book.
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Some other perks:

  • Students have access to over one hundred Bible lessons.
  • They receive a certificate of completion and a free book with each course a student finishes.
  • They also receive a letter of recommendation (upon request) to the parole board, the student’s judge, or a prospective employer after they have completed their first course.

I cannot say it enough how thankful and grateful I am to have these courses in my life. As I work on turning my life over to God more completely and consistently, I pray that I absorb the Lord's wisdom and His will!

Brent, Alberta

How to Start an Inmate in a Bible Correspondence Course

Simply have the person fill out an enrolment form for the Manga Messiah course or one of the other courses and mail it back to us.

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Need Bibles or Study Materials?

We are happy to provide, free of charge, NIV Bibles and Manga Messiah Bibles.

Our Manga Messiah Series includes a welcome page, the first course, and a postage paid envelope.

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*We have carefully screened and trained our hundreds of volunteer mentors to disciple thousands of prisoners across Canada while faithfully following prison rules to prevent any negative incidents.