2019 Evening Benefit Gala

Join us for dinner in Burlington on Friday, November 22. Celebrate our growth — and catch our vision. Learn more.


Provide Bibles for prisoners

Bibles are essential to the spiritual growth of prisoners and to enrol in the Bible study courses. Our large print NIV Bibles are appreciated by prisoners, many of whom struggle with reading. Learn more.


Send Bible courses to prisoners across Canada

God’s love is for everyone. These courses introduce prisoners to Jesus Christ, help them learn who they are in God’s eyes, and share how to live out their faith in response to God’s love. Learn more.


Give our mentors the training they need to be successful

Each Crossroads mentor needs to be thoroughly trained before they can begin mentoring prisoners. And each month, we provide ongoing training and send a package to our mentors with tips and samples they can use when they’re marking their lessons. Learn more.


Introduce prisoners and their families to Jesus with easy-to-read manga books

Many prisoners never finished even the third grade, and struggle with reading. Our one-of-a-kind manga books illustrate Jesus’ story as an easy-to-read comic book. Learn more.


Pay for postage and mail Bibles and Bible study courses to prisoners

We cover the postage cost for Bibles and Bible study courses mailed to and from prisoners. Every dollar contributed to postage helps mail a lesson to a prisoner in need of Jesus! Learn more.


Provide art booklets for prisoners

Along with their lessons, prisoners are encouraged to submit art. We compile the best art submissions into a bi-annual booklet and send it to prisoners, who find the art stimulating and encouraging. Learn more.

Send prisoners art calendars

Chaplains can provide calendars for prisoners upon request. They’re inspiring conversation starters about Crossroads and Jesus, and each month features an illustration from one of our students. Learn more.

Where Most Needed

When you give where most needed, you’ll help us meet the needs of chaplains, mentors, and prisoners — wherever it’s needed most. Learn more.