Mentorship Programs

Mentorship Opportunities that Change Lives

Crossroads Canada is a volunteer-driven witnessing opportunity that helps prisons discover Jesus Christ and build a relationship with Him. We offer a number of tiered courses that teach students the basics of the Bible, and offers them the opportunity to ask questions and process the truths they are learning. Through this process, the lives of both the student and the mentors are transformed.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A prisoner hears about Crossroads Prison Ministries from a prison chaplain, fellow student, volunteer, or the ministry. He or she receives and completes an enrolment form and returns it to Crossroads Canada.
  2. Crossroads Canada mails Bible study lessons to the student, one at a time.
  3. The student completes the lessons and returns them to Crossroads.
  4. The student receives the next lesson, and a trained mentor reviews the completed lesson and mails it back to the student with a personal letter of encouragement and discipleship.
  5. Each time the student completes a course, he or she is awarded a personalized certificate of accomplishment and a complimentary book.

Some other perks:

  • Students have access to over one hundred Bible lessons.
  • They receive a certificate of completion and a free book with each course a student finishes.
  • They also receive a letter of recommendation (upon request) to the parole board, the student’s judge, or a prospective employer after they have completed their first course.

Our Courses

Crossroads Canada’s mentorship program currently offers a dozen correspondence Bible study courses for prisoners, as well as a friendly manga (Japanese-style comic) that introduces students to the life of Christ. Each course helps Crossroads students learn more about God and their relationship with Him.

Manga Messiah

MANGA (pronounced “mahn-ga”) is the Japanese word for comics. This authentic, cutting-edge art style is combined with fast-paced storytelling to deliver biblical truths in a compelling and highly engaging style. This course introduces students to Jesus Christ, His exciting story, and His amazing love. This lesson set includes 10 lessons.

Tier 1 Courses: Learning

In our first tier, students learn about God’s unconditional love and grace, and how they are worthy of it without having to earn it. We learn about forgiveness, mercy, and who we are in the eyes of God.

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Tier 2 Courses: Living

How can we learn to love others the way Jesus loves us? Our second tier of courses helps students apply their faith to life, living out love the way God’s love is lived out for us. Students learn how to love the way Jesus loves.

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Tier 3 Courses: Leading

Discipleship is about mentoring leaders so they can go out and have an impact on their community. After learning about God’s love for them, and how they can love others, these lessons provide students with the training they need to be leaders in prison — and in their new communities after their release.

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Thank you for teaching me. I know it's all God that teaches me what I need to learn, but you guys definitely help God's message get to me. Words can't describe how grateful I am towards God and Crossroads.

Eric, Alberta

Get Your Church Involved

Is there a prison or correctional facility in your community? Are people in your church concerned for the men and women living in these institutions?

Crossroads Prison Ministries Canada can help your congregation get started with a prison ministry.

Our staff are available to make a presentation or to preach on a Sunday morning about Jesus’ call to care for prisoners. We can also teach a workshop to equip interested people with practical tools for reaching out to incarcerated men and women.

Contact us for more information or to book a speaker.

Become a Mentor

Crossroads Canada could not operate without the faithful mentors who mark thousands of lessons each year. These Godly men and women have been approved by their local church communities and trained by Crossroads Canada to share their faith through personal letters to people in prison. These mentors have a committed relationship with Christ and a passion for sharing the message of the Gospel.

If you’d like to become a mentor, please fill out our Mentor Application Form first and upload it with the information below. We will get in touch shortly after. Thank you!

Our Reintegration Program

We often help released prisoners connect with varying types of support including: access to housing, rehab centres, job preparation and employment courses, a church community and more. Through relationships with other agencies nationwide, Crossroads Canada’s staff help men and women connect with the resources they need for success after incarceration. This service is available to all students of Crossroads Canada, and it is offered free of charge.

How the Program Works

  1. A person in prison makes initial contact with Crossroads to request reintegration assistance.
  2. Crossroads sends the individual a re-entry profile questionnaire, and a letter explaining the reintegration program and how to receive assistance.
  3. The individual requesting assistance completes the questionnaire and mails it back to Crossroads with his or her release date, location and other pertinent information. Crossroads staff then research agencies that may help the student with reintegration.
  4. Once Crossroads’ staff identify suitable agencies, the information is forwarded to the individual requesting assistance.
  5. The individual determines which agencies are most suitable and contacts the programs.
Request Reintegration Assistance


  1. Who is eligible to receive reintegration assistance from Crossroads Prison Ministries? Any person who is enrolled, or formerly enrolled, in the Crossroads program is eligible to receive assistance with reintegration. Crossroads will also provide letters of recommendation and referrals to reintegration agencies for Crossroads students. We encourage non-Crossroads students to enrol in our program by requesting a student enrolment form.
  2. Is there a cost for reintegration assistance? All services are provided free of charge.