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Peace at 52

Trevor didn't find peace until he found Jesus — just before returning to prison. Now he's using this time to learn more about his faith and share his story.

My name is Trevor. I’m serving 29 months for impaired driving from 4 years ago.

I became a Christian in the month of October, before I came to jail. I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and promised myself that I would learn as much as I can about Jesus. I’ll use my story so other people can see how the Holy Spirit is working in my life, even though I’m locked up.

I was crushed when the cops came to see me and told me I had an old warrant for my arrest. Going back to the Pen (Penitentiary) was something that I promised both myself and my dear mother that I would never do again.

Throughout my whole life, I never felt like I belonged. I was physically abused by my stepfather and watched him beat my mother. I used to have problems peeing my pants when I was little, so my stepfather made fun of me and made me sit on the toilet for hours. He told his friends that “Piss Pot” was my name. I didn’t understand at the time, but I knew it wasn’t good.

Because of that name, other kids teased me and beat me up. I was sexually assaulted when I was around 12 years old. My stepfather gave me to his sister, who lived in Toronto. I lost my language and my identity.

People teased me when my mom finally got me back after three years. They said I was an apple: red on the outside, and white on the inside. I grew up in institutions, from young offenders to correctional centres to the Pen.

I was in and out of the Pen for 13 years. When I finally got out, I stayed out, and I found a good paying job. From everybody else’s point of view, I was doing good, because I was known as a jail bird. I had everyone fooled.

I was holding down a job, helping my elderly mother with her bills. But I was drinking a lot. All of a sudden, everything was gone. Nobody wanted to be around, because I was broke and at times didn’t even have a place to sleep. I went for a few days without changing my clothes, and drank anything that came my way.

I served 13 years in and out of the Pen. Now, I’m back in.

Since I’ve been incarcerated, I’ve completed a Bible study, and received my very own Bible with my name on it. I truly want to get to know the Lord better, and was thinking about going to a Bible school whenever I’m released.

I have no support in the community I came from. I don’t feel alone, because of my faith, but I’m looking for guidance and support when I leave this place.I truly believe the Holy Spirit wants me to share my story.

I am 52 years old. For the first time in my life, I felt peace when I became a believer. Please pray for me, that one day I might help other people by sharing how the Lord has helped me.

Trevor’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

If you want to make a meaningful impact in the hearts of prisoners, you’ve found the right ministry.

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Peace at 52

Trevor didn't find peace until he found Jesus — just before returning to prison. Now he's using this time to learn more about his faith and share his story. Read more.

September 4, 2018