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Photos from Our 2018 Christmas Gala

Over 250 guests joined us for this year's Christmas gala at Carmen's Banquet Hall in Hamilton. We couldn't be more thankful to those who came. We'd like to especially thank Cody Bates for his keynote speech, and Siegfried Tepper for blessing us musically.

An image of guests sitting down at over a dozen tables across a large gala room.
Guests arrive for the gala and begin to find their seats.
Two men pose beside each other for a picture, with a Christmas tree in the background.
Cody Bates (R), this year’s key speaker, stands beside last year’s guest speaker, John Johnathan (L).
René and Eileen stand on stage behind the podium
Board members René Kooistra and Eileen Henderson open the event.
A man and woman stand on the stage behind a podium.
Chaplains from Grand Valley Institution for Women take the stage to talk about the impact Crossroads has had on their ministry.
Martie van Niekerk standing behind the pulpit
Crossroads Canada’s president, Martie van Niekerk, gives her annual update on the ministry.
Cody Bates paces the stage in front of a Crossroads poster
Keynote speaker Cody Bates addresses the crowd.
Cody Bates laughing during his presentation.
Siegfried Tepper behind the keys of an open baby grand piano.
World-renowned pianist Siegfried Tepper plays re-mixed piano versions of popular Christmas carols and hymns.
Over 225 guests milling around in discussion — a photo taken from the stage.
Guests mingle after the dinner and speeches conclude.

If you want to make a meaningful impact in the hearts of prisoners, you’ve found the right ministry.

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