Get access to resources designed exclusively for prison ministries

With more than 40,000 incarcerated persons in Canada, a prison chaplain’s work is never done. Crossroads provides innovative resources that help lighten the load for prison chaplaincy.

A prison chaplain’s work is never done. But it could be easier. Our free resources lighten the load in prisons.

Your prison ministry needs dependable, reliable material for people who are new to Jesus, or asking questions about who He is. We offer a series of Bible-based correspondence courses, visits from trained volunteers, Bibles, and more.

  • Bible-based courses
    Our life-transforming, Bible-based correspondence courses for prisoners are led by a team of volunteer mentors we have carefully screened and trained. They help disciple thousands of prisoners across the country and faithfully follow prison rules to prevent any negative incidents. Explore the curriculum
  • Bibles and other Christian resources
    Need more Bibles and other resources? We are happy to provide, free of charge, NIV Bibles and Manga Messiah Bibles. Our Manga Messiah Series includes a welcome page, the first course, and a postage paid envelope. Order resources
  • Visitation by our volunteers
    Our carefully screened and trained volunteers can visit people inside prison walls, offer encouragement, and share the Gospel with them in friendly and loving ways.

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Our Reintegration Program

We often help released prisoners connect with varying types of support including: access to housing, rehab centres, job preparation and employment courses, a church community and more. Through relationships with other agencies nationwide, Crossroads Canada’s staff help men and women connect with the resources they need for success after incarceration. This service is focused on Tier 2 and Tier 3 students, and it is offered free of charge. Learn more