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Student Art from Our Fall/Winter 2019 Art Book

Twice a year, we publish a collection of student artwork. This is some of the art from the Fall / Winter 2019 issue.

An illustration of a bird flying above crosses on a hil..

Featured art by AD in Ontario.

Twice a year, we publish a collection of student artwork. This artwork is meant to inspire our students, and bring them comfort. Many of them express their growing faith in their poetry, and others use it as a way to work through the difficulties that prison brings. The students look forward to each booklet, and chaplains love handing them out as an icebreaker to potential students and curious non-believers.

At the beginning of each of our art booklets, Martie van Niekerk (our president) shares some of her thoughts on creativity and faith. Today, we’d like to share that letter and some art from the booklet with you.

Neil Gaiman, a popular author and screenwriter, has a terrific quote that goes something like this: “You have no idea what you’re doing. This is great. People who know what they’re doing know what is possible and what is impossible. You do not. What is possible and impossible in the arts was decided by people who have not tested the bounds of the possible by going beyond them. And you can.”

What that means is simple: your creativity is not defined by its boundaries. It is not defined by what is “possible” — because nothing is impossible in art. If you’re beginning your journey as an artist, or a writer, or a musician, I hope this brings comfort to you: there are no limits.

Creativity is a safe space in which we can do the impossible. Not only is doing the impossible allowed in your art — it’s encouraged! If your art achieves the impossible, you have invented something new. And when you make something truly new, something that explores beyond “the bounds of the possible,” you have done the impossible.

I often think about how this act of creation — making something new — brings us closer to God. God is the ultimate creator. Nothing is impossible with God. And because of this, your ability to create something new should not be taken lightly. You see things in a way many people can’t. The world of a creative person isn’t defined by what exists — it is defined by what is possible. And with God, everything is possible.

My hope and prayer for you is that you continue to create the impossible. I hope you creatively explore your boundaries, and that you keep inventing the new. And I hope you see God as the ultimate inspiration — as the Creator of all things — the inventor of the impossible. When we recognize God as the source of all creation, that’s when we begin to realize: with God, nothing is impossible.

An illustration of the word "Faith," with the "F" character intersecting with the cross like a tattoo.
Art by CC in Ontario.
A black and white illustration of a hand sketching with a pencil.
Art by TP in Ontario
An illustration of a spear through a cross, wrapped with flowing ribbon. This ribbon sas "Only God can judge me."
Art by TG in Alberta
An illustration of fish and dragons.
Art by SC in British Columbia.
An image of a trophy surrounded by angel wings. The text on the illustration says "Family in Christ."
Art by JJ in BC.
An image of a cross surrounded by Bible verses and hearts.
Illustration by D in Ontario.
An illustration of a Bible open on a church pulpit.
Art by GW in Ontario.

If you want to make a meaningful impact in the hearts of prisoners, you’ve found the right ministry.

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